A New School Year and a New Blog

In preparation for the new school year – boy, haven’t these holidays gone fast! – and the planned expansion of the online journaling of both the students and me – this noticeboard has now shifted to its own site!

This means you’ll need to save the new link to your bookmarks, and re-subscribe if you’re an email visitor. But in return for the effort, you’ll be able to access a much improved service for wider and even more engaging communication. As the boys are entering Year 8 this year, and with a year’s blogging experience already under their belts, they are also being invited to be involved in editing this new class site.

Whether you’re a student, a parent, or another interested party, you are invited to head over to the new 8W1S Journal:


Screen Shot of the new form site


Welcome Back!

The mid-term break seemed to pass by in a blink, and we’re already back into school with a vengeance. This doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate our return, though – with a now-customary 7W1S “Welcome Back” party. The boys outdid themselves this time – and the smoke machine was a most welcome addition!

Careers Fair Information

The LNS Careers Fair is being held this Friday. The boys are only expected at school from 12:50 where they will be registered in my classroom and will be free to attend any of the displays and presentations shown in the attached documents.
Parents and other interested parties are also welcome to attend this afternoon which is a great opportunity for everyone to begin to develop ideas about where the future might lead. The boys are expected to attend in uniform but will be free to finish the day at 3 pm.

Careers Fair Timetable 2012

Careers Fair Exhibits 2012


The Votes Have Been Counted

The nominations were made, votes cast and counted and I am pleased to announce that the following students are the 7W1S Class Representatives for this year:

School Council: Sky

Sports Council: William

Thank you to all students who put themselves forward for these important roles. Reports from these two boys will be posted to this site in due course.

Parent – Student – Teacher Conferences

On Wednesday 16th of September the first Year 7 Parent – Teacher – Student Conferences are to be held at the school. Already the boys are frantically trying to coerce their teachers into offering times that create a reasonable timetable for their adult counterparts to navigate through for the evening. With around 10-12 different teachers to speak to, this can be a challenging task, and one that puts the student at the centre of the process. They arrange the interviews with each of their teachers, and they pass this information on to everyone at home.

These evenings at the London Nautical are invariably a positive experience for all concerned. It’s an excellent opportunity to put faces to names and to match students to their parents and guardians – and to set some goals for the year to come. The teachers will have initial observations to offer on the boys’ progress so far (remembering that in the initial 8 weeks at secondary school, the focus for many has not been on performing comprehensive summative assessment – something has to be learned before the boys are weighed and measured after all) and will be very keen to meet the people behind the boys at home, as well as gleaning any extra information that will make them more able to succeed at The Nautical.

The boys’ presence at these conferences is central to their success, and it is a great idea to have a conversation with them before arriving that might cover some of the following questions, subject by subject:

  • What do you think your [English, maths, science, P.E…] teacher might say about you?
  • What would you like to say to them?
  • What goals would you like to set in this subject?
  • What do we (as parents/guardians) need to know to feel informed and fully participate in the conference? What questions would you like us to ask for you?

Another opportunity these conferences present to the boys is related to their growing social maturity. They are the one person who knows everyone. It is a rare, but most welcome thing when a student introduces their parents and teachers to each other – I’ll be encouraging them to do this (and reminding them that there is no secret network of teachers and parents and they truly are the ones who are ‘in the know’ as it were) and you are invited to do the same.

The timeframes for these interviews are tight, with many teachers having a different student booked in every 5 minutes for the entire three hours, so if you have a complex concern or something arises that you feel needs to be explored further, it will always be important to make another time (or choose another communication method) to pursue this. Something teachers invariably find difficult is to end a discussion with parents/guardians (we like talking about and with the boys as much as you do) so we’re always much relieved when this is supported from all sides.

As always, feel free to get in touch: by commenting here, by email, via the boys’ planners or in writing if you have any questions relating to this – or any other matter.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 16th!

Mr Chris Waugh

Readathon Last Days – updated!

All books have to be read for the Readathon by the end of play on Thursday afternoon. If  you are a parent of any of the boys who are within striking distance of finishing a book – please give them all the help you can to get it read by Thursday as (unfortunately) as of last Friday our form was at the bottom of the rankings by about 22 books. All but two boys had read at least one book, but some of the other forms have some super-readers who are carrying the rest.

In the end the motive with this competition is to encourage the boys to extend their reading into new areas and to rekindle their enjoyment of reading in general – so winning the competition is secondary, really, nonetheless it would be great not to lose and incur the 100 Watchmark penalty.

From Miss Seaman this afternoon:

Dear All,

Lots of the boys have been asking about the Readathon so I thought I would send you a quick update.
The most recent totals are:

  • 7W2P 126
  • 7W1P 121
  • 7W2S 108
  • 7W1S 83

I know 7W1S have their weekly readathon lesson tomorrow morning so I am sure we will see a big rise in their total then.

The overall total is 438. Two days to go!

Last push, boys. We can do it!

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